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Management Platform

Omniens is a software solution that automates and simplifies the process of managing orders and inventory for e-commerce sellers.

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Omniens Software Solution Features

product listing

Easy Product Listing

Marketplaces have different features that must be followed for product listing.

Omniens Product Management enables easy listing of products by automating the process. This is done using a template where all product information and image formats can be stored and marketplace-specific information can be entered, resulting in:

  • Full compliance with marketplace requirements.

  • Faster product listing

  • Flexibility and agility in responding the changing requirements of different marketplaces.

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order management

Stock and Order Management

Advanced inventory and order management to ensure stock consistency across all channels.

  • Manage and update inventory automatically across channels, control dropshipping.

  • Offer flexible fulfillment options in an omnichannel environment.

  • Make customers happy by reducing order fulfillment errors and meeting delivery commitments.

  • Simplify complex workflows based on predefined rules for partial shipments, drop shipping orders, back orders.


Multi-Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Define and automate workflows for faster order processing. Dispatch orders via your carriers/shipping partners. All on ONE platform built for E-Commerce.

Our order management system identifies the optimal location for products in each order based on customer location, stock availability, and service efficiency, while also minimizing the number of shipments per order. 

Thanks to Smart Warehouse Management application, rules can be defined in the system to control the splitting of order lines when fulfilling the entire order from a single point.

stock warehouse management

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Fulfill your E-Commerce orders from every channel, from anywhere.

Handle pick, pack, ship, and returns workflows smoothly using the functionalities provided by the platform.

  • Fulfill orders from stores according to the rules you have defined.

  • Deliver products from the store.

  • Create an order in-store.

  • Dispatch the order from the supplier.

  • Transfer products between stock locations.

  • Get returns from anywhere.


Integrations That Simplify Your Business

Our 100+ integrations with marketplaces, 3PLs, shipping/logistics companies, and financial apps make operations simpler for you.

  • Monitor sales from all channels in real-time. Start using new sales platforms at no additional cost.

  • Print shipping labels and track statuses in real-time. Take advantage of working with 20+ carriers.

  • Transfer your sales results to your financial systems seamlessly.

  • Connect to your desired 3PL provider effortlessly.

marketplace integration



Cansu Küçük 

Decathlon, Marketplace Project Manager

"We can quickly integrate with marketplaces. We can easily get support from Omniens teams in all operational processes and business development requests."

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