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Single Product Catalog

 for Multi-Channel Listing

                At Omniens, you can customize your products                          based on sales channels and manage them                               from a single point. Thus, you can                                                 differentiate your products across sales


Product Listing

Eliminate the need to re-enter product information separately for each sales channel. Our product listing management tools provide a central database for all your product information, including descriptions, images, prices, and many more details, making it easier to list your products on multiple channels.

Omniens allows you to define every detail and feature to ensure the listing's compatibility across all channels.

Manage your multi-channel listings in one place

You no longer need to switch between various platforms. Our central master catalog allows you to manage your listings across all your channels.

Customize by sales channels

Together with product descriptions, barcodes, images and price information, you can also change stock rules on a product and sales channel basis.

Define product variants

Your products may have variants such as color, gender or size. Take advantage of the variant structure compatible with marketplaces.

tek yerden ürün listeleme
Create a virtual set

Easily create and list sets. Sell both as a set and as individual items by linking multiple SKUs to a set SKU. Let Omniens manage stocks smoothly.

Keep price and stock under control

You can change prices based on sales channel, determine your discounted price and the validity date of the price. You can customize your stock rules on a product-by-product basis.

Update your products in bulk

If you wish, you can add and update your products collectively by uploading files or through API integration provided with the source software.

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