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Single Platform to Manage Multi-Channel Sales

Track and manage orders from all channels

with one central platform.

Order Management

An order management system that enhances your efficiency should be flexible and fast. We offer a platform where you can manage your stocks based on channel-specific rules tailored to your business, integrated with all your sales channels, and track the entire process from order creation to fulfillment.

Have the flexibility to process different types of orders

We can meet your changing needs for your B2C orders for your end consumers or your B2B orders issued to sales points such as your dealers and stores.

Pick, pack, ship operations

Collect orders assigned to your stores and suppliers with omniens, pack them and ship them by printing out the shipping label and e-delivery note.

Manage all channel sales from a single interface

A single dashboard for all your sales orders. Filters help you list the data you need.

Manage Cancellations and Refunds

Manage order and/or product cancellations in sales channels until the cargo order is received. Refund and approval processes are carried out automatically within the required period. Monitor the results for all channels with a single report thanks to common cancellation and return reasons.

Order and shipment statuses are automatically updated

Track all statuses in real time, from order receipt to shipment. Omniens transmits warehouse and distribution statuses to sales channels in real time.

Follow your orders throughout the entire process

Monitor the whole process from the point of receiving an order from the sales channel to its completion, whether through delivery or return, by using order statuses.

Import orders automatically

All your orders are automatically synchronized with your Omniens account and you can easily manage them from a single interface.

Manage with your own order processing rules

Adjust where the order will be fulfilled, order splitting/merging, back order, splitting into packages, carrier assignment and many more parameters according to your preferences.

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