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e ticaret ürün özelleştirmeleri

Special Solutions for

   Your E-Commerce




                     Tailor your unique needs with omniens and

                          use it according to your own preferences.


In addition to the standardized processes of e-commerce, you can adjust differentiated processes just for you with omniens customization ability. Change these settings whenever you want and start using it.

Order processing settings

Automatic exit location assignment, ability to customize sales channel according to order type, fulfillment type, automatic carrier assignment, order split, back order and more.

Describe how you want to carry out the transportation

Use different carriers based on sales channels and fulfillment type. Activate Omniens' artificial intelligence capabilities to choose the best transportation company.

Automatically match categories

Automatically match your own category tree with sales channels.

Stock distribution rules

Make settings to send product stocks to sales channels according to fixed values and certain rates. Activate algorithms that prevent overselling for products with low stock in multi-channel sales.

Commonize the language of sales channels

Uniformize different definitions such as order status, return reasons, cancellation reasons, etc., used by each channel with its own expressions, with omniens.

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