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omnikanal çözümler

Omnichannel Capabilities





We offer the flexibility and speed you need. If you

sell through multiple sales channels, manage

multiple warehouses, or even ship with different

cargo companies, it means it's time to gather

everything under one roof.


We're here to strengthen your company's omni-channel sales strategy! Our expert team offers customized solutions to ensure your customers have a seamless shopping experience across every channel. We help you connect with your customers through an integrated approach across online stores, marketplaces, physical stores, and more.

Strengthen your omni-channel experience with us and increase customer loyalty!

Pick up in store

If you use the in-store delivery option, you can deliver your orders to the buyer with the omniens C&C feature.


The products you sell do not need to be in your own stock; omniens allows you to send the products to the buyer from your supplier's warehouse.

Transfer between locations
mağazadan sevkiyat

Transfer your products between warehouses or stores.

Online sales in store

You can order the product that the buyer cannot find in the store from the omniens platform.

Ship from store

If you sell your store stocks in E-Commerce to increase inventory awareness, you can ship the orders placed by the stock allocation algorithm to the store via omniens.

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