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We are transforming.
We are growing together.

As Arvato Digital Solutions Turkey team, we are obsessed with the digitalization of commerce! As a team, we work for simple, life-saving and efficiency-oriented digital solutions for our customers. In doing so, we focus on the best performing cloud-based technologies.


Ogli E-commerce Solutions was founded..


Arvato Supply Chain Solutions was acquired by the Bertelsmann Group.


Digital Solutions unit was established in Arvato Turkey.


The Omniens SaaS Platform is launched.

Image by Joshua Mayo

we #omniens

It's a Latin word, Omniens. Dictionary meaning; A person who knows and is aware of everything, whose understanding and insight is endless. We Omniens here work as a team aware of our customers' needs to provide the best practice they can have to grow their business. 


Join our team.

You can take the first step to join our software, support and sales teams and become an Omniens. You can send us a message immediately or contact us via our Linkedin profile.

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