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e ticaret stok yönetimi

Open Your Stock for Sale Correctly, Everywhere,

on All Channels


Maximize your sales with a centralized

inventory updated in real time.

Don't undersell or oversell.

Inventory Management

You can track your inventory based on its locations and update it on sales platforms according to the rules you set. Omniens automatically reserves stock availability and updates other platforms when an order is first created.

Allocate inventory to orders based on predefined criteria such as product location, shipping method, proximity to your warehouses, and other important attributes.

Set stock distribution rules

Define your stock distribution rules with the help of advanced settings. Block stocks and determine the maximum number of items that can be sold based on sales channels.

Distribute inventory across channels

By defining each channel, send a fixed stock amount or an automatically calculated stock amount according to the rules you define to the channels.

Create virtual set

Dynamically calculate the salable stock amount of the sets you create with omniens.

Manage multiple warehouses

Manage inventory in different warehouses and stores from one place. Easily transfer and track products between warehouses...

Put stocks on the road for sale

Open for sale the stocks that you have purchased but have not yet arrived at your warehouse.

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