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Logistic & Fulfillment




Achieve your growth objectives with scalable

and flexible supply solutions.

Logistic & Fulfillment

In the modern trade landscape, we provide end-to-end services for brands and retailers to deliver their products to end consumers. We stock all products on behalf of brands in our A++ warehouses, swiftly and efficiently collect orders, package them, and deliver to consumers' homes or stores.

Our flexible fulfillment solutions help maximize your market potential. We manage the entire process from order placement to delivery. Our team of logistics engineers develops innovative, scalable solutions to help you achieve your growth goals for both B2C and B2B sales channels.

Goods acceptance

Barcode-verified goods receipt via mobile application. Define different placement algorithms for each type of operation, different operations for goods receipt orders (PO) based on different order types, preliminary goods receipt and returns preliminary receipt, RMA-controlled returns receipt.

Warehouse Shipment Operations

Multi-channel order processing, instant automatic product reservation (allocation), optimized packaging box selection, customizable shipping labels, and the option to cancel until shipment.

Warehouse Operations

Inventory tracking based on sales channel, brand, lot, serial number, IMEI, and customer-specific criteria. Advanced warehouse counting module and real-time counting capability. Automatic work order creation. Unified stock management for B2B and B2C.

Distribution and Logistics

Algorithm for selecting the optimal transportation mode and carrier for orders. Proactive shipment tracking control panel. Carrier rate terms and invoice validation. Integration with 20+ carriers.

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